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Abounding Grace

A poem by an unknown author.

Where sin abounded, grace much more
Abounded by God’s love.
When Jesus for our sakes came down,
And left the throne above.

The rich One from the Glory bright,
For our sakes, was made poor,
And untold pain and anguish
On the cross He did endure.

They mocked Him, and derided Him,
With hatred in their face,
But in return, He offers them
His wondrous, matchless grace.

They scourged Him, and they buffeted,
With cruel, heavy blow,
But Jesus answered not a word,
Because He loved them so.

The very hatred in man’s heart,
Which nailed Him to the cross,
He used to bless His enemies.
To save their souls from loss.

The very spear that pierced His side,
By cruel, hateful man,
Brought forth the blood to cleanse their souls,
By God’s redemptive plan.

When awful hatred—matchless love,—
At Calv’ry’s cross did meet,
The Saviour wrought a finished work,
Atonement was complete.

O will you not accept this One,
Who suffered thus for thee?
Then peace, and rest, and joy are thine,
Throughout eternity.

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